• Dallas Morning News Endorsement

    “Karmally backs common-sense reforms… her vision for Texas is more constructive and forward-looking than what Laubenberg has offered.” The Dallas Morning News knows Sameena Karmally is the best choice for your district. Show your support by voting early!
  • Democracy For America Endorsement

    "It's an honor to be endorsed by one of the largest and most influential grassroots organizations in the country. Together, Democracy for America and I will make sure working families in Texas have a leader in Austin who will fight for education dollars, support small businesses, and protect basic government services to keep our citizens and our economy strong." - Sameena Karmally

In Texas State House District 89

We can have well-funded classrooms, we can untie teachers' hands and let them TEACH, we can demand well maintained roads, ensure that Texans have clean air and water, that small businesses get the support they need to thrive, require life-saving regulations that prevent catastrophes like the fertilizer explosion in West, enact gun laws that reflect common sense. We can have a better Texas. But we have to want it badly enough to DO SOMETHING to get it.

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